Are You Planning To Buy A Condo Unit? Here’s How To Choose The Right Floor!

Are You Planning To Buy A Condo Unit? Here’s How To Choose The Right Floor!

Choosing the floor number is a very confusing decision to make while buying a condo unit. Why not take a look at the amenities and features of Mirvish + Gehry condos so that you get a general idea of condo living? The interests and lifestyle of the potential owner, that is you, are the deciding factors when it comes to choosing the floor. So, what should you consider while choosing your condo floor? Read on to know!

Panorama As per the experts at, the view that you get from the condo play a significant role in increasing its value. If you are a person who gives importance to aesthetics and you want a spectacular view from your condo, then upper floors would be the best for you. The beauty of the view is the best when your property lies near to a beach, lake, etc.

Accessibility Top floor may not be easily accessible every time; you would have to wait for elevators or make use of the stairs. Using the stairs may not always be practical especially for the elderly or handicapped people. So, if accessibility is the primary concern for you, then lower floors are the best.

Safety Condominium units usually have good security measures in place. If you have selected secured condominium building, then usually it does not matter which floor you choose. But still, if you are more concerned about thieves or burglars, it would be good to go with upper floors as the lower ones are more prone to such attacks.

Noise How far are you bothered with noise? If the noise of traffic disturbs you and you prefer a quiet and peaceful place to stay, then the upper floors would be comparatively better for you. But the quietness and peace depend a lot on your neighbors as well.

Evacuation Evacuation during emergencies such a fire, earthquake or a bomb threat may not be very easy for those staying in the upper floors. Efficient condo units would have enough measures during such emergency situations; still, if you feel that it would be panicking to be in the upper floors during such unfortunate incidents, then it would be better for you to choose lower floors.

Budget Usually, the upper floors of condos are in high demand especially when they are located in areas of scenic beauty. The increase in demand directly reflects in their price also; hence the upper floors are usually costlier than the lower ones. So, analyze how much you can afford and choose the floor accordingly.

If you want to enjoy the advantages of the upper floors and are concerned about factors such as accessibility, budget, etc. at the same time, then choosing the middle floors would be the best option for you. It lets you enjoy the pros of both! But still, it is totally up to you and your interests as it is your living space and your preferences have the greatest significance. So, consider the location of your property, analyze your priorities and make a choice which seems the best for you! Happy living!

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