House is the place, where we spend most of our time. An appropriately constructed and designed house fills our heart and mind with positive energy as we get back home. Builders are the one who brings life to your imagination. The right blend of your idea and their expertise can give you best results. Hence giving time in choosing the contractor for your project becomes altogether more important. With the evolving real-estate market, the domain of builders and contractors have also become very competitive. Still, there are certain prominent players like Aveling Homes who have created a name for themselves in has few years. There are different types of the contracting firm in the market. High-end luxury homes builders who have huge setup and team structure using best technologies, trendy designing patterns. These big names are expensive. You can see work of such sophisticated groups featured in On the other end of the spectrum are more basic and talented sect of contractors who believe in personally involving themselves in all construction activities.

Since you invest so much money and time in seeing your house built up, it is your responsibility to do a thorough due diligence of the capabilities of the contractor.

Certain procedure to be followed are: 1. Should be ready with the plan: It is necessary to have a blueprint of the comprehensive design plan of the house. Should consult an architect to collaborate with you and design the house suiting your taste and requirement. Frequent changes made in the plan over the construction period may attract a lot of unnecessary cost and charges applied by the contractor. Sticking to the plan will ensure that you get your desired result that too under the budget defines.

2. Make a list of specific brands and product designs of various fittings: Since apart from basic construction there is the lot of fixtures and fitting which are required to be fitted in the structure. You are ready with the desired design patterns, and brands you would prefer will make the process much more fast and efficient without compromising the quality you are looking for.

3. Take suggestions from friends and professional: Since architects closely work with contractors and builders as a need of their profession, they are the right people to suggest you a list of contractors who you may consider asking a quote for your project work. If any of your family or friends have recently undergone a renovation work, they can give you a reference of tried and tested contractor.

4. Confirm about the insurance coverage of the builder: Since a lot of workforces is involved in the complete construction process, there can be chances of accidents or fatal incidents taking place during work on your property. To ensure that no financial or legal liability comes on you in such unfortunate situation, one should check if the contractor has an elaborate insurance coverage for all the employees and workforce working under them.

5. Closely evaluate the basic and extra pricing of the contractor: It is obvious that there would be certain unavoidable extra expenditure here and there during the process apart from the basic prices agreed upon. Most of the time contractor may falsely present such cost to earn extra income out of it. Therefore, we need to very closely watch the work in progress to ensure we are not being cheated.

6. Timelines and milestones: It is important that contractor adheres to the time schedules decided in the building contract. You may give them some relaxation in the schedule as an exception. But keeping them tight in terms of milestones to be achieved in accordance with the timelines will only ensure completion of your project in time prior to any of your further commitments.

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